What is 75 mcgs of synthroid

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0) never came down, When I started being treated by an Endo he explained that Levothyroxine ( A Generic) was not as consistant as a Name Brand (Synthroid) he put me on Synthroid 100 mg and within 6 weeks my Tsh dropped to 0.078, now I am on 75 mg and due back at the end of May for another blood work.

Iodine, Your Thyroid, and Your Bone

I get tons of emails from thyroid cancer (and other thyroid patients) wondering how to best handle starting new thyroid medication or changing doses of thyroid medication. Some endocrinologists on the forefront of thyroid cancer research are beginning to toy with the idea that maybe patients need to be kept hyperthyroid but not uncomfortably so.

Iodine, Your Thyroid, and Your Bone

How To Adjust to Thyroid Medication ? -

Many endos believe that generic levo is not the same as the brand names.

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No one perscribe it to me a friend had a few left over so i been taking them i am aware that i should not take someone else drugs but i tried it even though i dont have a thyroid problem currently i am taking 0.50MG before breakfast what can this do to my body if i have a normal thyroid function It is definitely not rht to introduce extra hormones into your body, if you don't need it.

What is 75 mcgs of synthroid:

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